Basically, a sandwich has 2 parts...a face and a back...both made of acrylic.
Shown below is a sandwich that uses a front  1/4" thick piece with a nice bevel on the edge. 
The back is 1/8" and has no bevel.
This is an effective and beautiful way to display pieces without having a frame involved with the design.

  Sandwiches come with hangers (or easels as in the above photo) that are hidden by your photos or poster on the back.
 All that needs to happen is to unscrew the plastic screws that hold the front (or face) to the back.  Then you would remove the face,
position and tape your photo with double sided tape within the confines of the back piece and replace the front sheet using the screws.

  Glare issues can be dealt with by using non-glare acrylic on the front piece. Ultra-violet and fading issues can be addressed similarly with a front
piece of having UV filtering qualities.  One further note as to the Non-glare & UV sandwiches...on these set-ups, the face (or front) is the
1/8" un-beveled piece and the back is the 1/4" beveled...(just opposite of the one pictured above).

These are completely customizable in sizing and even thicker acrylic stock can be used to
increase the bevel width if needed.

Jobs were just quoted by us for a set of 3 - 40X40 sandwiches...
options offered...
1). Regular acrylic front 1/4" beveled /Reg back 1/8" $ 308
2). Regular UV front 1/8" / Regular back 1/4" beveled $ 395
3.) Non-glare front 1/8" / Regular back 1/4" beveled $ 490
4). Non-glare , UV front 1/8" / Regular back 1/4" beveled $ 535

double acrylic

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