ColorPlak is a neat alternative to framing.
Your print is professionally mounted to wood with dry-mount tissue and heat-pressed.
A special UV protective vinyl is laminated over the print and heat-pressed again under tons of pressure.  The edges of the wood are beveled, sanded and trimmed with your choice of 34 colors.

What is Colorplak?

Colorplak is an alternative picture framing process where your image is dry mounted onto Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and then sealed under heat and pressure with 80% UV protective matte finish vinyl lamination and finished with a beveled edge in your choice of over 30 colors. The final result is a non–glare, easy to clean, professional looking product at a fraction of the cost of traditional custom framing.

What Sizes are Available?

Each Colorplak is custom made to order and can be used for any sized image from a minimum of 3”x 5” to a maximum of 48”x 96”.

What can I Colorplak?

<>Advertising Materials      Art Prints    Awards    Blue Prints
<>Certificates  Children’s Art Work   Digital Images    Diplomas
<>Ink Jet Photos & Artwork   Letters    Maps    Menus
<>Movie Posters     Newspaper and Magazine articles
Photographs  Postcards
Posters  Renderings
And much, much more!

What Should Not Be Colorplaked?

Colorplak is a permanent process therefore certain items are not recommended for Colorplaking. Original art work that is expected to increase in value, or anything that is irreplaceable is not a good Colorplak  candidate.

Colorplak uses a heat press in the process and therefore items that could be damaged by high temperatures such as heat sensitive sporting event tickets and oil based art work are also not recommended.

The pieces shown below are a presentation style called "Hi-Lite".  This method incorporates a beveled backboard with your choice of face and bevel color, along with the actual art on top of that (also with a bevel color of your choice).


Close-up of 2 different
presentations.  The left
has 2 different color bevels.  The right has both black bevels. Different mat boards were used on each background.

Layers of the "Colorplak" separated.
From bottom up:
1). Masonite backboard w/ edge color of choice
2). Adhesive layer
3). Art
4). Laminate

Another View...
4. Protective film
3. Your art selection
2. Mounting Tissue
1. Mounting Surface

Send us your photo, poster, art print, certificate, etc to be custom framed in any of the Colorplak styles below:

Available configurations...






More colorplak samples coming...

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