This section (and "Cool Past Projects")  will give you some great ideas and information
for framing your art or other projects.

Diploma with Ribbons & Medallions

This was a nice piece.  A diploma raised off black suede with the two ribbons and four openings cut out for medallions.  A tan marble mat was chosen for the top with a gold "fillet" used to accent the school seal.

Retail $210

_______OVERVIEW _________________________

Custom Framing...
What's  Why's  Which's  & When's...
Custom Framing is all about choice.
So you have a special something you want to preserve, display, flaunt, whatever.
You've seen the ad's, you've heard the spiel and you don't have a clue what's up.
Here's what's up...
We can (and have) made frames from 1" square to 9' X 11' (feet).

<>Frames that wrap around corners and frames that hang on your ceiling.  How about a 50 million year old fossil, pipe & matchbook collections,  musical instruments (guitars, violins etc.), flowers, jerseys, a Lama Fetus ( read that right) assorted sculptures, chess games, puzzles, ....well you get the idea.  Pretty much ANYTHING goes.

  Baxter's is not a mega million dollar, multi-store location, hire-fire, hire-fire operation.
We take pride in our workmanship, knowledge base, and selection offering.  We have all been at this
forever and have pretty much seen it all.  You can see by this over-kill website that we know what we're doing and are able to give ANYTHING you have a great look.

Easy / Painless / It's that simple.  We have over 8,.000 mouldings and 2,000 mats on display.  We zero you in  on a few good looking choices and that's it.  You're done, your piece looks great and will outlast you by a long shot. "Everything guaranteed forever...PERIOD".

If you don't know what you want, just bring (or send) us your whatever and we will show (or contact) you with options in all price ranges that fit your taste and decor.  We do that all day everyday with people.  Some customers just drop their piece(s) off and say..."DO IT".  Others inform us that their homes are "contemporary" or "traditional" or "country" or whatever and we design with that in mind.

Below you will find information on different sections relating to "custom" framing. We have tried to be both technical and still general enough as not to loose you new-comers.  It can (and will) get "wordy" so pick your topics and HAVE AT IT !   Please EM with ANY questions. (Info@BaxtersFrameWorks.Com)

A.) Framing Display Options...

1). Mount Only -------------------------Display your art without a frame
2). ColorPlak ---------------------------Mounted, washable, UV resistant "frame-less" display
3). Frame Only -------------------------Frame options without mats or liners
a.) Frame with Fillet only ------------- Adding and accent to your frame!
4). Frame & Mat ------------------------Frames with single, double or triple mats
5). Frame & Mat & Fillet ---------------Framejobs that incorporate a fillet accent
6). Raise & Float -----------------------Raise that art and get some dimension going
7). Shadow Boxes -wood / acrylic ---See the ways to display objects with depth
8). Frame & Liner ----------------------Liners...the matting alternative
B). Specific Informative Topics...
        1). Mounting ---------------------------To "adhere", "attach" or "hinge" ...that is the question
        2). Matting -----------------------------All types of matting explained
            a.) Silk Screened Mats -----------------These are the neat ones!
            b). Papermats -------------------------- Oldies but goodies
            c). Color-core mats -------------------- Bevelmania / blue, red, purple...etc.
            d). Conservation Mats ----------------- "To protect & serve..." 
            e). Suede Mats ------------------------- Deep rich color & texture
            f). Hand Wrapped Fabric Mats ------- 1000's of fabrics / wrapping the mats / using YOUR fabric!!!!
            g). Black-Core Mats ------------------- Add some definition between your colors
        3). Glazing (glass / acrylic) -----------Know ALL your glazing options before choosing one
        4). Museum & Conservation ----------How & when to preserve your art
        5). Spacers -----------------------------Keeping glazing off art and/or adding dimension
        6). Edges & Bevels on Artwork ------Deckled. beveled, reverse beveled, burned, torn etc...
        7). Oil Painting  / Stretching ---------In's & Out's of canvas
        8). Fabric Art  / Stretching -----------How to correctly manipulate & display your fabric art

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