Fabric Art

How to do it right.

Fabric art can include needlework, cross-stitch, tapestries, linen prints and of course our all time favorite "THE BLACK VELVET ELVIS" among others.
Basically, if it's not paper and it's not canvas...guess what?  IT'S FABRIC ART.

Fabric art can be prepared for framing in a number of ways.  The 2 most common are "MOUNTING" (using adhesive to flatten and hold the fabric), or "STRETCHING" (pulling the fabric tightly across stretcher bars and stapling).

Below you will see the in's & out's of these processes.

Here's our patient for today...

A beautiful hand made tapestry from who knows where...anyway,
This piece will first be sized and measured.
It will be going into a "FRAME ONLY" (no mats or liners will be used here).

First we will cut "stretcher bars"
to the frame size (30 x 44) and
will prepare to stretch & staple.

"Stretcher Pliers" are then used in conjunction with a stapler to pull
the fabric tightly and evenly across the bars.

After stretching, the piece will be installed in the frame and...

Very exciting and interesting until you've done 4,000 of them.   HA!

More fabric art & tapestries...

Fillet used on inside of  frame to add a deep red accent.

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