HOW's & WHEN's
to use mats effectively.

The step up from a "frame only" entails adding a mat or two.
Matting is the "border" that goes between your art and the frame and serves many purposes:

1). It gives your eye a visual "break" between the mat & frame.
2). It lets both the art & the frame stand "stand out".
3). It keeps the glass from smashing up against your art.
4). If a "double mat" is utilized, it draws your eye to a particular accent color.


Here's a sample of a "single mat".

This technique does have it's place. 
It's kind of a "keep it simple stupid" 
approach but effective in some cases.


Getting better.  A "double mat"
has the main (usually neutral) color on top, and is followed by an accent color (usually 1/4" to 3/16") showing underneath. 

90% of what we mat utilizes more than a single mat.  It basically looks better to add "layers" and "dimension" with each "layer" accounting for only about 15% of your total $$$. 

Here's a piece with 2 mats and a mahogany "rope" frame from Studio Moulding.

The top mat blends nicely with the art,
while the bottom mat accents the maroon in the art AND in the frame.

Another neat trick on this matting
is that the top mat has a "white" 
bevel but the bottom mat's bevel is

White bevel top mats are
most effective when used against
a darker colored bottom mat or 
dark color art.

In  keeping, black core bottom 
mats are most effective when 
used on lighter colors.

See our "MATTING" section for 
other tips & tricks with mats.

Here are the layers involved in the piece above.

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