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A "fillet" pronounced fill-it or fillay (depending on the level of your "knowledge base" or "snootyism") is usually made of wood and sometimes added inside the mat(s) to bring a designery,  matchy or coordinating feel to the piece.

Ornate gold frame, red accent liner,black suede mat, ornate gold fillet

The example below shows a diploma with fillet being installed in the mat.

The mat is a white crackle and has a "reverse-cut bevel" (so to not show the bevel next to the fillet).
Fillets can be utilized in 2 major ways...coordinating (as shown below) or they can be used as an accent color or texture (much as a second mat would be) to "bring out" a given color.


Shots of our Fillet Spinners

Close-up showing beaded fillet on the inside of top mat. 

This piece was raised & floated with a contrasting color in the background.

Signed Nieman / Liberty

Gold frame, silk-screened top mat and 
gold fillet that matches the frame.

Very "clean". 

Illustration showing fillet
being istalled on a reverse
beveled mat.
Using a reverse bevel before 
the fillet lets the top mat 
"visually flow" into the fillet 
better than having a big white 
line before it.

You know... the label company???  
Well, this is one of them (not sure which).
Anyway, neat framing, designed to look "old".  Cloudy charcoal
black frame with antique silver lip, cool silkscreened brown mat
with a charcoal fillet. We even put a "Baxter's" sticker on the
back...and guess who made that?

Pictures of a fillet being
installed on a "reversed 
beveled" mat. 

Ornate gold frame, black suede mat, ornate gold fillet, black suede float board

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