How's & When's

Liners basically act on paintings or fabric art as mats do on paper art.
They are used for 4 main reasons.
1). To add an accent color to the overall frame job (above liner's sign with blue).
2). To give the eye some "relief" between the art & the frame.
3). To add size and/or dimension to the finished piece.
4). To match existing artwork previously framed with liners.

BIG ONE !!!   (no... not me !!!)
Beautiful hand painted L  O  N  G  oil with liner. 36 X 96 O.D.

Frames with liners are often followed by a "fillet", the inner most portion of these designs.
Fillets either...
a). bring out a certain color in the art or
b). re-introduce the frame's finish or texture before the art happens

You can also see fillets utilized on matting by going to the "FRAME / MAT & FILLET" section.

Below: Purple & Charcoal moulding with a black silk scoop liner and a matching "beaded" fillet on the inside.

Oil painting with a 2" natural
slightly scooped liner with
gold fillet awaiting frame 
shown below..

An original pencil masterpiece by Aaron Holliday.

Silver antiqued crackle frame with a wide off-white silk scoop liner with a charcoal fillet. 

Slightly scooped linen liner & mineralized frame on a canal scene.

Below you will see some of the profiles (shapes) that are available with liners.

Most of these come "pre-covered" with White or Natural (beige) Linen, and ALL are able to be "custom hand-wrapped" in any one of a thousand plus fabrics.

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