Past Projects 
Misc #1
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Reeves / Mountain Bike Medals
This piece featured a printed background that included his photos.  Patches, medals and number sheets
were all raised and floated for an extra dimensional look. Framed in a satin black shadowbox with lined sides
that continued the image of the backboard.  6/2013
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Buck Wilds - T Shirt Display
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Masks in Acrylic Boxes
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Lady of Guadalupe
larger image here      Close-up of burned plaques here

WTT - World's Toughest Triathalon
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Cabbage Patch
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leggos portrait

MIchael Jackson

Dave & Holly Grimes

Special Olympics Medals

Birrell -
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Betty Zane

Lori Earley - Regret


Monopoly - Superman Retu1rns

Snoop Dogg / Football league

Obama / framed

Albums framed for Danny Boyd - Celebrity Dreams - San Diego

Steve Bos / Fair Oaks
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Scrabble framed




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Employee of the Month / Year

American Iron
            Motorcycle Magazine

Signed Guitars in Acrylic Boxes
see close-up of box here

John Grey / Horse

Mike Orduno /
            Havasu Casino