This section was designed to show you a framing technique called "raise & float".  It's not rocket science but it does add significantly to the the over-all look of your piece...actually, some people hate it...but we think it's neat...so here it goes...

"Raised & Floated"
Team photo with engraved plaque and decoration.
This piece was "single matted" and "raised & floated" off a backboard of the same color.
This technique (as opposed to using a "accent color" background), tends to to take a little more attention away form the framing and let the art "stand-out".  You can click on the right hand picture above for a detailed photo.

This piece was also "raised & floated" but this time off a contrasting background.
Usually contrasting backgrounds work best if it:
a). Matches the frame (as shown above) or...
b). Matches a portion (usually the darkest part) of the art.

The pics below show artwork that is being raised with 2 sheets of 3/16" foam board.


This piece was also floated off a 
"contrasting color" but this time we 
used a fabric with large tweed (threads).
 This added both contrast & texture.

Note* A piece can also be "floated" without being raised.
This technique is used when all the edges need to be exposed and:
a). The backboard color needs to be a more "integral" part of the art or...
b). The customer just does not care for the "raised" look.

Try this on your next project !!!  You will like!

Dr. Doshi
(The Diamond Bar Dentist)
Office project. 
Framed toothbrushes
with sign.  All pieces 
off background.

Here is an original piece of artwork "Raised & Floated" off a backboard with no mats.
The sides were lined as with a shadowbox that made extra room inside the frame.

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