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Shadow boxes are a great way to display "dimensional art".  There are 2 basic ways of displaying these dimensional pieces...a SHADOW BOX frame and an ACRYLIC BOX DESIGN.  We will discuss options for the shadow box on this page. 
Please see "Acrylic Boxes" to get other ideas.


Basic Acrylic Box design / Raw without fabric covering backboard and streigner.

See our  "Shadow Box Related" past projects here.

The piece above right (and discussed on this page) is called a Ukelin.  It's kind of a cross-breed between a Ukulele and a Violin.  It is owned (but not operated) by a very nice gal named Lynice.  She brought this piece in for framing with no set layout in mind.
Thanks to some foresight, had also brought along some related items (always include related items!!!) that went nicely around her instrument and added to the visual impact & antique qualities of the piece.

The first & MOST IMPORTANT issue in framing dimensional art is ??????? .....DEPTH

Anyway, a frame was chosen that was in keeping with the "antique" nature of the project.  It allowed for about 3.5" of space of workable area.

Shown below, the sides of the frame were lined with a coordinating mat board that serves 3 purposes.
First, it looks good (you see the inside sides of most shadowboxes).
Secondly, these sides are used to hold the glazing "up front" and off the item(s).
Thirdly, if properly designed, the sides give a "resting place" for the backboard (see left picture...
the red part on the bottom will touch the face of the backboard).

The Layout was decided on.
The sheet music was manipulated so that it had some dimension and the some of the other items were "deckled" (torn around the edges) or burned to add some "zing. "ZING" is important.
The bow was attached with fishing wire and the piece was ready for framing.


A very nice piece
to be sure.

Retail Approx.

Shadowboxes can also be made 
from metal frames.

Here's a view of a metal profile 
specifically made for dimensional art.


Other Shadow Boxes...


click here for close-up on above

Shadowbox of a Police Captain's career.   Great batch of memorabilia from 1939 to 1974.

This design incorporated...
2-photos / 3-I.D. cards / 7-badges / 3-rings and other misc. items...

Jersey & Ball incorporating BOTH the wood shadowbox with yellow lined sides AND
an acrylic box to hold the ball.

Jersey shadowbox showing blue suede sides.

This was a cool piece. 
Ken Swearingen (then Pomona FD) was given this piece at his retirement ceremony. 
It featured his actual gloves holding a gold plaque describing his years of service, and an actual fire hose. 
A frame base was made that fit an acrylic box that kept everything safe.



This was a full size Japanese Wedding Kimono framed in an acrylic box.

The kimono actually hung on a 1.5" thick acrylic rod that protruded through the sides of the box.

It had a white 100% silk background and measured approx. 70" X 50".

Retail $1900


Confederate Army Pistol

Gun shadowbox with a 3.5" deep frame and red felt sides & backing.  A gold engraved title plaque was raised off the background...and note the custom made acrylic "gun holder" used to support the piece.


Retail $290


Antique Police Memorabilia

Collection of an "honored & remembered" policeman from the past.  Wood shadowbox featuring his wares, photo & card.  Note the custom gun holders (grip & barrel).

Retail $ 320

Double Mask Shadowbox

This is a 6" deep ornate shadowbox with lined sides and a matching backboard.  It features 2 different masks and an engraved plaque "Logan" (the artists name).

Approx. 14 X 26 O.D.

Retail $325

Navy Sword 


Acrylic box design featuring a tribute to a retiring hero. 
This box included his sword, dog tags,
medals of honor and a ton of patches.

26" X 42" O.D.

Retail $ 525


2 of our best selling shadowboxes...
Black Shadowboxes


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