C A N V A S    T R A N S F E R S
"The cheap road to a painting".

"Canvas Transfers" are done (in easy to understand terms) by getting a poster (or other form of art), a canvas, some gunk to put on the top and a press that smashes it all together.
It really looks like a painting because the texture of the canvas shows through the print. The better transfer companies  even offer "Brush Strokes",
"Age & Crack" and some other enhancing options.

A canvas reproduction can be made from any print, poster or photograph.
First, the print is coated, via spray or brush with a special acrylic that seizes the ink.
After drying the resulting ink film is then carefully separated from the paper and embedded into high quality canvas.
At this point, the picture has an image true to the original painting with a lustrous oil sheen and rich canvas texture.
This is known as a basic transfer. 
If desired, a reproduction can be enhanced with one of two optional surface treatments. The most popular is brushstrokes, whereby artists apply clear acrylic in the pattern of the original piece. Brushstrokes are most appropriate for impressionist and similar pieces.
For an antique effect, one may select age & crack. With this technique, special chemicals are applied to create cracks on the picture surface. Specially selected pigments are then added to highight those cracks.
  Transfers can be stretched onto bars or mounted onto foam. The former works best for most pictures, though foam is useful for ovals and miniatures.
When we stretch, we will normally custom cut bars to the size of the image after transfer, which can vary a little from the original size. Clients needing specific sizes must let us know in advance.


Top Quality Canvas Transfer Options Now Available...
Take your art to the next level with top quality canvas transfers of images from Image Conscious. From canvas-only to gallery wraps, stocking orders to special orders — the choice is yours!

We do not have "step by step" photos of this process because we farm it out to people who know what the heck is going on.  But...we do (as always) have some finished samples to show.  ENJOY.

Beautiful transfer of an Angel.
Ornate large 5" silver "frame-only"
makes this piece outstanding.

O.D. 38/50

Print ------------------$60
Transfer to Canvas -$190
Framing ---------------$370

Total as shown -----$620

Close-up view of a "Canvas Transfer."

This is a Wyland print that will be stretched & framed as an oil painting would be.

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